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A Homeowner’s Checklist for Storm Preparedness in Georgia

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 10.56.02 AMWhen you know a storm is on the way, it is easy to let yourself go into a panic. Don’t let the fear of a storm blur your rational thinking. In order to stay safe, you first need to be organized. This is where the team at GenSpring Power  comes in to help. Although we don’t claim to be weather experts nor storm chasers, we do understand the importance of having the appropriate steps in place to help you before, during and after any kind of severe weather. Our ultimate guide to storm safety is a condensed version of our definitive guide(link to content), where we break down the most important steps to help you feel safe and secure with bad weather on its way. The following is a helpful checklist you can turn to when you need fast answers and quick solutions! 

Preparing for Severe Weather in Northern Georgia 


  • Subscribe or sign up for severe weather alerts in your county 
  • Have a professional inspect your home exterior for any flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Clear rain gutters 
  • Trim any tree limbs within close proximity to your roof 
  • Park your car in your garage or another covered area 
  • Bring outdoor furniture inside 
  • Charge electronics 
  • Go to store for necessary items 4+ hours before the storm is supposed to hit 


  • Have a professional inspect your home’s insulation
  • Purchase salt for melting sidewalks 
  • Insulate water pipes to ensure they don’t freeze 
  • Protect outdoor furniture and decor 
  • Stock up on food and cold-weather necessities  

How To Stay Safe During Severe Weather in Northern Georgia 


  • Stay away from windows, skylights and glass doors leading outside 
  • Head to lowest level of your home 
  • Stay indoors until your local weather service has given the all clear 
  • Keep loved ones and family together at home, preferably in the same room 
  • Keep in touch with others who are not in danger to update them 


  • Use electrical equipment that plugs into a wall circuit 
  • Leave the house 
  • Use your stove or gas top as a heat source 
  • Light candles 
  • Overuse appliances such as the fridge, laundry machines or dishwasher 

What To Do After Severe Weather in Northern Georgia 

Also known as the calm after the storm, here are some quick follow up tips on what to do once the severe weather has passed. 

  • Check in on loved ones
  • Assess the damage to your home 
  • Purchase a generator from GenSpring if you experienced a power outage during the severe weather

Never get left in the dark, call GenSpring to install your home generator today!

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