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Understanding Remote Generator Monitoring To Stay Prepared

With busy lives pulling us in so many different directions, staying on top of your generator’s readiness is likely one of the last items on your to-do list, and that’s OK! Most homeowners don’t tend to pay close attention to their home generators until there’s an emergency. This is why one of our goals after your generator installation is to help educate you on generator readiness, to ensure your generator is always in proper operating status so its ready to serve your needs when the time comes.

As the technology has evolved, remote generator monitoring has become one of the best options for keeping both you and our technicians aware of your generator’s operating readiness at all times. Our current line of the best home generators offer the following features specifically for the purpose of remote monitoring:

Cellular Monitoring

The cellular monitoring option utilizes the same cell tower system as our mobile phones. The signal is relayed through the cellular network to a host computer system which manages the communication and sends either an email and/or text message regarding the operation status of your generator. GenSpring Power has developed and is launching our own GSP Link, utilizing proven and reliable components with a life time warranty. Our GSP Link can be installed on any generator system that we sell and service.

Internet Monitoring

Our Internet monitoring option utilizes your home network to communicate the operating status of your generator. This feature provides links a Cat 5 shielded wire directly to your network router for communication. (And newer models employ a wireless interface to the router!) To effectively use this option, your router must stay powered all of the time, which is why we strongly recommend a keeping your router plugged into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This option sends messages from your generator via email to keep you informed of its system status. The weakness of internet monitoring is that storms that cause utility power outages often disrupt phone and internet service as well. Without the internet there is no communication link. This feature is available with all of our “OnCue” Kohler Generator Systems.

Remote Status Indicator

Remote status indicator for home generator monitoringThe remote status indicator, which we refer to as “the comfort light,” is simply a small LED light mounted in a visible location. It is hardwired to the generator system and indicates the operating status of your generator without requiring you to open the generator to see the control panel. This light should be glowing all the time to indicate proper operating condition, and flash if the generator senses a problem. This is a standard feature we include on every Briggs & Stratton Generator System.

The benefits of remote generator monitoring

The benefits of Internet and cellular generator monitoring include:

  • notification of the status of your utility service;
  • notification that your generator is running;
  • and proper operation of your generator system.

In other words, you’ll know the status of electrical energy available to your home regardless of where you are – whether your at home or out of the state. You’ll be notified whenever your generator runs through its routine exercise function to validate the status of your generator system, ensuring it’s in a state of readiness. Since the our service team also receives these same notifications in addition to having the ability to check your status remotely, we will be well aware of any potential service issues before they become a performance issue.

The team at GenSpring Power has the expertise to help you evaluate which generator system is best for you, your family and your home to ensure your generator is ready to handle power failure within seconds. Contact us today to speak with one of our generator specialists!

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