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The Details You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Home Generator

Most of us take time to research products online before commiting to a purchase, especially high-end, high capacity appliances which we anticipate using for many years to come. With the abundance of online reviews and customer ratings, understanding what the product costs versus available and necessary features can be confusing, especially if you’re considering setting up a home generator.

Before purchasing a home generator, we recommend you ask yourself the following:

  1. Which type and size of generator do I need?
  2. What are the best generator brands available within my price range?
  3. How do you install a home generator, and can I do it myself?
  4. Who can I rely on to service the generator and stand behind the warranty after it has been installed?

Smart consumers understand a home generator is a long-term investment, similar to a new roof, and will choose to work with a local company who has a successful track record, the ability to offer a fair price, provide turn-key installation, and have quality people they can trust.

Generator discounts, specials and price promotions

Our customers often ask if GenSpring Power offers senior citizen discounts, military discounts, or other discounts to reduce the cost of their purchase. Honestly, we offer the same, fair price to every single one of our customers based on what it takes to do the job right the first time. After we have presented you with our proposal, we find our our price is generally less than our competitors, even after their “special” discounts. If another generator company is offering you a discount off your generator purchase, installation or service, it’s because the upfront cost has already been calculated to include this promotion.

And yes, we do feature a “free site visit and instant rebate” promotional incentive if you request a quote on our website. This incentive provides up to $150 off the purchase of a qualifying home generator system, which we’re only able to extend due to our unique relationship with our vendors as a certified dealer.

Home generator warranties

Some companies will also promote a special 10-year extended warranty on their product as long as you enroll in their maintenance plan at the time of purchase, and sign a contract for the entire life of the extended warranty. (Pro-tip: We recommend you always read the fine print because many of these warranties exclude some of the most common service issues!) A manufacturer’s warranty is only as good as the company willing to stand behind it.

GenSpring Power was recently approached by one of these companies asking if we’d support their 10-year extended warranties by performing service troubleshooting, repair and warranty support for the generator products they sell. After reading the fine print, we learned their generator service team only provides basic maintenance, and does not offer service troubleshooting. For various reasons, including those mentioned above, we decided to decline their offer ;)

The Devil is in the details

We have been in the home generator business for over 15 years – and counting. Our successful business model is straightforward because we believe in delivering quality work:

  • We offer great products, sized correctly for the job.
  • We always present fair and consistent pricing, based on the job requirements.
  • We provide professional, turn-key installation.
  • We service and provide warranties on everything we sell.
  • We treat all customers with honesty and respect.

As you’re researching home generators, we welcome you to get to know our team of trained professionals, understand the frequently asked questions about generator systems, and check out the select brands we carry. As a certified service and warranty dealer for both Briggs & Stratton generators as well as Kohler generators, you can trust we will continue to support you before and after the sale.

Conteact us today for a free quote on home generator installation.

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