Planning For A Home Generator Involves Understanding Your Options

Factors to consider

Whole House:
When the objective of maximum convenience and cost is not an important consideration, the whole house option is the ultimate in home generator systems. The advantage is that the homeowner does not experience any difference in the electrical power access when the utility power fails. Disadvantages of the whole house standby generator can include size and costs, initial, operation and maintenance.

Essential Circuits:
Most consumers are looking for a more affordable home generator solution that will help them meet their essential needs when the utility power goes out. Those essential needs include heating, cooking refrigeration, selective lighting, security, telephone, well pump, home office and medical equipment. Typically, this option limits the homeowner from 10 to 16 circuits depending on the size generator selected. The advantages of this option are the smaller home generator size and lower costs. The disadvantages include lack of flexibility due to having to pre-select the protected circuits.

Majority of Circuits:
For most homeowners, the option of offering the greatest flexibility with minimal inconvenience is the majority of circuits option for a home generator. The successful use of this option depends on the size of the home, electric panel size, and which energy is used (gas or electric) to serve the larger energy consuming appliances. The effective use of this option requires the right technology and Common Sense Conservation.

Power Management Technology Can Save You Money:
Technology has made today’s home generator systems smarter than ever before. Smarter means that with our home standby generator solutions we can manage and prioritize your homes larger electric loads to give you the power you need, based on what’s most important to you. The benefit for you is a home generator system that cost less up front, takes up less space, is quieter and more energy efficient. GenSpring Power is the leader in Georgia in using home generator power management technology in offering innovative generator solutions for our customers.