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Maintaining Comfort and Security When You’re Aging In Place

I recall an event at my office when I was branded as “over the hill” after turning 40. While it was all in good fun, the notion was I had peaked in age. Now, 30 years later, I firmly believe age is a mental state and tend to carry on my positive attitude about life, even if I have officially entered the exclusive Senior Club. In reality, many other 70-somethings have health and medical challenges they’re faced with which, unfortunately, influence their decision on where to live.

Maintaining Comfort and Security When You’re Aging In Place

While independent senior living and assisted living facilities can be a popular choice, we are encountering more and more people of my vintage who are looking for ways to continue living in their own home. The reasons for wanting to stay may vary, but the common theme is it’s your home where they feel comfortable and secure, have fond memories, enjoy their independence, and can remain close in proximity to family and friends.

It could be they take comfort in the ability to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer – unlike when they were growing up and didn’t have central air conditioning or heat. Maybe they enjoy taking a quiet shower or bath and appreciate having their own personal space to relax in. It’s nice having easy access to a full-size refrigerator to keep food and medicine appropriately chilled. Plus, who wants to share a television when it’s time to watch the local news?

Security is another important factor when considering to stay home. Having abundant outdoor lighting which can automatically turn on if it senses activity, keeping necessary medical equipment operating at all times, having access to power chair lifts to get up-and-down, and functioning smoke detectors/alarm systems are all key in providing peace of mind… especially if they’re living alone.

Maintaining comfort and security when they’re aging in place means they may need to depend on a reliable power source in case utility power goes out. Fortunately, a home generator system will ensure the ability to keep their necessary appliances, electronics and overall home functioning at all times.

The team at GenSpring Power has helped hundreds of seniors find a whole house generator solution to address their specific needs. From one senior to another, you can be confident we will do the same for you in an honest, professional and straightforward manner. Contact us today for a free quote on a home generator.

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