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Like Your Home Generator, Our Team Is Always Ready

I’m back!

If you have been checking-in for new posts and haven’t found any recently, it’s not because of a lack of interest. We have been busy helping people after the effects of the hurricane last fall, and early snow storm in December. Both combined to create an unprecedented demand for our services – for which we have been very greatful for. But, the time has come to share with you fresh thoughts on the home generator industry and how GenSpring Power is adapting to this changing environment.

The past, present and future of GenSpring Power

Near the end of 2016, I named my son, Glenn Preble, president of our company! Glenn joined me in the business more than 10 years ago after he graduated from the University of Georgia. Since joining our team, he has really stepped up and learned every aspect of the business. Glenn is both professionally and technically one of the best people in the home generator industry across this great country. You may have spoken with Glenn’s wife, Jackie, who is officially leading our customer service team, processing billing, as well as scheduling Glenn’s appointments. Glenn’s younger brother Scott, another UGA graduate, took the reigns as vice president of service and operations. Scott is overseeing our customer database and scheduling our routine maintenance to achieve efficient routing. And of course our primary service technician, Keith Thomas, continues to make his rounds striving to keep your generator in top operating condition.

As for me, I am still enjoying my role as founder, which allows me time to continue to meet with prospective customers in North Georgia while providing both guidance and counsel to Glenn and Scott as they shape our company for the future. The important takeaway for you is feeling assured the future of our company is in very capable hands, and you can continue counting on us for many years to come!

Over the next couple of weeks, I will addressing new topics as well as expanding upon older ones, such as:

  • What it means to have a whole house generator installed;
  • What your options are when your old generator fails;
  • How home generator monitoring is helping our customers;
  • How we are helping seniors age-in-place;
  • Sweet spots in the liquid-cooled generator market;
  • And, where air-cooled generators offer the best fit.

Allow me to close by once again sharing with you how much we appreciate your past, present and future business as our team strives to provide the best possible service to keep your generator ready for the next storm.

Clayton Preble

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