Kohler Home Generators

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Kohler offers the fastest acting and highest power quality of all the home generator systems that we represent. To the homeowner, this means that your generator will be up and running within 10 seconds of your loss of utility power, and the quality of Kohler power will keep your most sensitive electronic appliances up and running. Paired with Kohler Power Management, a Kohler home generator system from GenSpring Power allows a homeowner to enjoy “affordable power security” when they need it. GenSpring Power has sold and serviced more Kohler home generators than any other dealer in Georgia. No other dealer knows Kohler better than GenSpring Power. Within the Kohler line, we like the Kohler 14 & 20 in the air cooled line, and the liquid cooled up to 150kW.

As an authorized Kohler Dealer, GenSpring Power is pleased to offer Kohler Consumer Financing.  To learn more go to “Kohler Consumer Financing”.

ATS RXT 100-400




Kohler 14-20


Kohler 24kW


Kohler 48kW


Kohler 100kW


Kohler 14RCA(L)


Kohler 30RCL

Kohler 20RCA(L)

Know you made a wise investment in your generator system, since our professional installation is always done right the first time.



All Ages Appreciate the Power of a Kohler Generator

Kohler generators are the perfect solution for your home’s generator system in Georgia. At GenSpring, we believe in providing top customer service and expert generator installation. Unlike some generator installation companies, GenSpring focuses on you, our customer. Your safety is our top priority! Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about Kohler generators or home generator installation in Georgia. 

Recent Customer Comments

Clayton, just a note to tell you how pleased we are with our GenSpring Kohler whole house generator. The choice of Kohler and GenSpring couldn’t be better. In mid February a long-planned visit by our son and his family from Ohio was expected. The visit did happen BUT that was the day the ice storm hit!! We were without power for more than five days! No power out here means no water, no heat, no lights and no conveniences. The generator came on and we didn’t miss a beat! The grandchildren (and all of us) had a great visit thanks you you! I didn’t know how long our unit would run on a 24/7 basis but the rough figures are this – we started out with 65% full on a 500 gallon propane tank. so full would be 400 gallons. We finished the week with 50% full. So roughly 3% per day. Again, many thanks, keep good.

TB, Dawsonville, GA

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all your patience and assistance in helping us select our new 20RESA Kohler standby generator with power management and 200 AMP Automatic Transfer Switch. From my first inquires and multiple concerns about the power quality and capacity you went the extra mile to get me additional information from the manufacturers and from the results of your, and your customer’s experiences. Your multiple estimates for different generators and capacities helped me be more confident in our final selection of the 20kW Kohler. The installation was exactly as you promised and your electrician did a neat and through job, even keeping our time without electric to less than an hour as the new system was attached to the meter. He even corrected some existing problems with our circuit breaker box. You both explained the systems carefully. Our local building inspector was impressed with your work and commented that your companies were known for quality work. Thank you for your professionalism and helpfulness. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone seeking a standby generator.


Early this morning, I was surfing the Internet and the commercial power went out. The time was 12:57AM. Our Kohler Standby Generator came online within 10 seconds and ran for an hour and 36 minutes. Temperature outside was 24 degrees, but we were comfortably warm!

Happy North Atlanta Customer