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Job of the Month: Kohler 14kW Generator Selected for Mountain Home

Our job of the month features a Kohler 14kW generator installed in a beautiful new mountain home in northern Georgia.

Kohler 14kW Generator SystemBecause the home is well insulated and uses propane gas for water and interior heating, the Kohler 14kW was just the right size for the entire property’s generator system.  

The homeowner is relocating to the mountains and wanted to make sure he had a reliable backup power supply. His new location will require him to work from home and he needed assurance he would never lose power.

This homeowner appreciated Kohler’s aesthetically pleasing design, fast response (the system starts and automatically transfers in 10 seconds), and power quality for his computer network.

Schedule a free site visit with GenSpring Power to see which Kohler generator would suit your home’s power needs!

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