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Job of the Month: Energy Efficient Briggs & Stratton Generator Installed to Decrease Footprint

April’s job of the month features a Briggs & Stratton 12kW standby generator powering an entire mountain home with multiple AC units in Northern Georgia.

Recently, Georgia homeowners were interested in installing a standby generator system that would have a low upfront cost, a small environmental footprint and be energy efficient. The solution would also need to power an HVAC system with two air conditioner units and run off of propane as the primary fuel source. After discussing all of their requirements during a scheduled site visit, GenSpring Power worked with the homeowners to design a system specific to their needs and installed a 12kW Briggs & Stratton generator on the site.

Installation of Briggs & Stratton generator in Northern GeorgiaThe unique power management capabilities of Briggs & Stratton generator systems allowed GenSpring Power to lock out one AC unit, preventing it from running whenever generator power switched on. This reserves standby power for lighting, appliances and more to keep the family comfortable throughout the home even during an extended power outage.

The team also recommended this particular Briggs & Stratton generator due to its excellent six-year parts and labor warranty.

The homeowners understood and appreciated GenSpring Power’s generator service reputation and found the cost of installation to be a fair price.

Contact us today to schedule a free site visit with GenSpring Power and find the perfect standby generator solution for your home.

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