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Getting Standby Power to Your Safe Room or Bunker

Recently, GenSpring Power has experienced an increase in inquiries from homeowners interested in standby power to their safe rooms, remote cabins and bunkers to be used in the event of a grid-down scenario in Metro Atlanta or northern Georgia. In fact, we can provide a unique standby generator system solution to power any prepper’s hideout, depending on your energy needs.

GenSpring Power can provide your remote Georgia cabin with a unique, standby power solution.

The two most important tenets to take into consideration are the energy efficiency and electric requirements of appliances to be powered. The more efficient they are and the less energy they consume, the smaller the standby power solution can be. Planning starts with understanding your energy use, gauged by a few questions about your needs and concerns.

1. What needs to be electrically powered?

  • How large is the space to be powered?
  • How will the space be heated and cooled?
  • Will hot water be required?
  • How will food be preserved (refrigerated) and prepared (cooked)?
  • Is a well needed for water supply?
  • Are sewage or sump pumps required?
  • Do you have any other special electrical requirements?

2. What is your preferred fuel type for standby power generation?

  • Is there access to natural gas on site, and do you want to utilize it?
  • Is propane an option if natural gas is not available or preferred?
  • Is solar energy an option you want to consider?

3. What duration of power outage do you want to be prepared for?

  • Is your goal to have a standby power solution for a few days, a few weeks, or more than one month?

These are the routine questions we ask prospective customers looking to power safe rooms and bunkers with a standby generator system each day. By understanding exactly what your needs are and how energy will be used, we can help you remain prepared for a fully powered stay in your space.

If you’re looking for a quality standby power solution from an experienced Georgia home generator supplier, GenSpring Power is here to help. We provide hands-on, detail-oriented service to each individual customer.

Contact us today to schedule a free site visit, consultation and estimate for a generator system that suits your unique plan.

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