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During An Extended Power Outage, How Can I Conserve Propane Fuel?

As previously discussed in How Long Can My Generator Run?, when propane is your source of fuel for your home and generator, you have a finite source of fuel to manage. The amount of fuel is limited by your tank size. Your generator’s fuel consumption is a function of the electric loads of the home served by the generator. The more power the generator needs to produce, the greater the fuel consumption. If you are in an extended power outage with concerns about when propane deliveries will occur, then managing your propane supply may become necessary.

There are two ways you can manage your propane consumption when relying on your home generator:

Common Sense Conservation

Common Sense Conservation means only using electric power for what is essential. For example, using lights only where needed and minimizing the use of non-essential appliances. This could include adjusting your thermostat to reduce energy consumption or turning off non-essential heating and air-conditioning systems. Any of these strategies will reduce the amount of electric power your generator needs to produce, thus lowering your overall propane fuel consumption.

Turning Off the Generator

If you need to go beyond Common Sense Conservation, then turning off the generator for periods of time is another strategy to reduce propane fuel consumption. If the weather is mild and you don’t need power, you can turn the generator off for several hours during the day and then restart your generator to power refrigerators, etc. Alternatively, you can use your generator during the day, turn if off when you go to bed, and then restart the next morning. The goal is to find the conservation strategy that best works for you until normal propane deliveries can be restored. Always consult your generator Owner’s Manual for proper turning off and restarting of your generator.

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