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“Be Prepared”, the Boy Scout Motto, has been repeated over and over again by many young men.  As a former Boy Scout myself, and the father of 3 Eagle Scouts, I’ve heard it many times. Little did I realize at the time that I would be in the business of helping so many others achieve their goal of being prepared.

In my 32 years in the natural gas industry, the importance of safety and reliability was ingrained in me as a major commitment to our customers.  In other words, our mission was to do everything possible to make sure natural gas was available for our customers to keep their homes warm and comfortable, regardless of the winter storms raging outside.  The only problem was that our customers were dependent on the electric utility to run their furnace fans, and since most of the utility lines were above ground, they were far more susceptible to failure.  Years later, it’s not just the weather anymore, the news constantly reminds us of new threats to the power grid from cyberattacks, solar flares, and terrorism.

Fortunately, due to innovation and technology, affordable power solutions are now available to help homeowners become prepared.

The following is the first in a series of short articles that we will post from time to time.

Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?
The answer for most is, “It depends”. A short power outage, an hour or so, is considered an inconvenience, unless you need power for a medical device like an oxygen machine. Then it’s a problem. When the power outage extends for days or weeks without electric appliances like refrigerators, freezers, heating, air-conditioning, hot water heating, basic lighting, and communication (telephone, TV, PC’s, etc).  Then it can become a much more serious problem.

GenSpring Power has been helping North Georgians for over 13 years. We have reliable home generator solutions from 10 to 150kW for almost any situation you want to prepare for. Just give us a call, and we will be glad to help.  May 2015.

At GenSpring Power, Power You Can Depend On is not just a slogan, it’s a commitment.

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