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My mountain getaway is a second home

I have a generator on my mountain getaway, how do I know it’s working if I’m not there?

We have helped many customers address this concern for both their second home as well as their primary residence.  Fortunately there are two communication technologies available to monitor utility power and generator status on the brands we represent.  One is internet-based, and the other is cellular-based.  Both technologies allow both the customer and us, as your dealer, to monitor the status of utility power and the generator on a real-time basis.  The benefit for the homeowner is that you know that everything is working correctly.  The benefit for us, as your dealer, is that if there is a problem with your generator, we are alerted and are able to quickly address any service issues.  We have had very good results with both systems.

Internet Based – OnCue

The Kohler solution, OnCue, is internet-based and offers the ability to monitor in real-time your generator’s status and performance over the internet.  OnCue also provides notifications, text and email status updates.  The only drawback is that if your internet connection goes down, so does your communication with the generator.  OnCue only works with Kohler generators and is currently only available on Kohler generator models RESA, RESAL, and RCL.  For more information about OnCue, see the full description on the Kohler tab under Brands Carried.

Cellular Based – InfoHub

Briggs & Stratton offers InfoHub, a cellular-based communication system that provides you with the status of your generator system and utility power.  InfoHub provides notifications, text and email status updates.  For more information about InfoHub, see the full description on the Briggs & Stratton tab under Brands Carried.

Case Study

As an example of the benefits of this technology, one of our customers has a remote mountain cabin in Ellijay and we are using InfoHub to monitor his power.  The cabin is at the end of the power line, approximately 3 miles off the main road.  We have two Briggs & Stratton generators on site, one serving the home and the other a well – approximately 300 feet away from the home.  The customer was experiencing considerable power outages, some of long duration.  We suggested InfoHub as communication link to keep abreast of the status of utility power, as well as the operation of the generator system when they are not there.  Since we installed InfoHub, it has become a very important communication link, alerting the homeowner and us regarding the status of power in their home.  As a result, the owner has been able to be proactive in notifying the local utility company to restore service, resulting in reduced generator run time and propane savings.  The real-time status has allowed us to keep abreast of the generator run time and be proactive with our service to keep both generators ready for the next outage.

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