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How To Keep Your Family Safe During Hurricane Season

The aftermath of the deadly Hurricane Ida has many residents of southern states considering how they can prepare for the next dangerous storm that passes through. Hurricanes, tropical depressions, and winter storms can have devastating impacts on families who rely on their home electricity. High-powered hurricane winds can tear apart roofs and home siding, rip huge trees out of the ground, and send objects through windows. The torrential rains associated with hurricanes and tropical storms can cause dangerous flooding that can trap residents in their homes. The physical impacts of a hurricane can be deadly, but what about the effect of power outages? 

The Dangers of Hurricane Damage and Power Outages in Georgia

Physical damage from hurricanes and tropical storms is easy to spot, but there are other dangerous impacts of a hurricane that are not as easy to identify. High winds and flooding can knock out power lines and prevent lineworkers from repairing them for days or even weeks. When hurricanes, tropical storms, and winter weather come to Georgia, be prepared to deal with dangerous power outages. Call GenSpring Power today to learn how you can protect your loved ones from power outages. 

Lightning strikes over a small town.

Power outages disproportionately impact the elderly

Elderly Georgians are more susceptible to heat-related deaths, often due to their declining health or preexisting health concerns like cardiovascular disease, cancer, or a respiratory condition. A 2018 study reported that 13.2% of indirectly-related hurricane deaths were heat-related. 

With summer temperatures rising every year, going without air conditioning after a storm knocks out the power can be deadly. In the aftermath of Ida, one million people in Louisiana were left without power while temperatures soared. You can protect your loved ones from these dangerous conditions by installing a premium home generator. At GenSpring Power, our generators will automatically turn on when the power goes out. This automatic response will keep your family safe, and you won’t have to lift a finger. 

Power outages are incredibly dangerous for those with preexisting conditions in Georgia

The 2018 study mentioned earlier also found that 35.7% of indirectly related hurricane deaths during Hurricane Irma were caused by the exacerbation of an existing medical condition. These deaths included those who relied on electrically powered medical equipment that failed when the power went out. Your health and the health of your loved ones should never be compromised due to a power outage. Call GenSpring Power to learn about how you can keep your family safe when the power goes out. Our generator systems are designed based on your needs, so if you or a loved one requires life-saving medical equipment, we can create a home generator that will support those machines. 

Portable generators are unreliable and unsafe for Georgia residents

A separate 2018 study found that 43% of reported carbon monoxide poisoning cases were caused by the exhaust from portable generators. When used incorrectly, a portable generator can release incredibly dangerous carbon monoxide that can poison or even kill. The portable generators used in these cases were either placed indoors or too close to the home, allowing for dangerous fumes to be carried throughout the home. Even when a portable generator is stored outdoors and a safe distance from the home, it can be very dangerous to go outside during a hurricane to turn a generator on. Give yourself peace of mind with a generator that will turn on automatically and won’t bring poisonous carbon monoxide into your home. GenSpring Power home generators are designed to meet your needs and to be safe and reliable in the face of power outages.


GenSpring Power Will Protect Your Georgia Home During Storms and Power Outages

Protect your loved ones from Georgia power outages by installing a premium home generator from GenSpring Power. When the power goes out, your family will be protected from high temperatures, medical equipment failure, and the poisonous carbon monoxide of a portable generator. Our high-quality propane or natural gas generators are installed by professionals who are knowledgeable about generator safety. They will work with you to design a home generator that will work for your home and needs. When bad weather strikes and the power goes out, a GenSpring Power generator will automatically turn on. When the power is restored, the generator will turn off, meaning you never have to worry about going outside in dangerous conditions to restore power. 

For the best customer service and home generator product line in Georgia, contact GenSpring Power to learn about installing a premium home generator.

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