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Job of the Month: GenSpring Installs Kohler Generator to Save Koi Fish Pond

GenSpring Power Installs Kohler Generator To Meet Georgia Community Need

When Dawson county decided to replace a bridge with a failed inspection, they selected Georgia Bridge to do the job. There were many challenges with this project, however, the main obstacle was the electrical feed to a property on the other side of the bridge. The electrical had to be taken out of service during construction and something had to be done to solve the electrical problem quickly. Georgia Bridge contacted GenSpring Power to develop a plan of action to maintain power for the property owner. The key to this project’s success was keeping the owner’s prize Koi fish comfortable during the four week construction period.

Kohler Generator Installed By GenSpring Power Saves Koi Fish

2018102995172325The GenSpring team considered various options and finally settled on two Kohler 14kW generators. What sets the Kohler 14kW apart is its rating for off-grid applications. Additionally, the Kohler 14kW is backed by an 18-month warranty, so we knew this was the right move for the property owner and his Koi fish.

After our team of expert generator installers decided on next steps, it was time for phase two. For generator installation, we included an automatic transfer switch, a manual transfer switch and our GSP Link Monitoring System. Both of the Kohler 14kW generators run for approximately 36 hours and then using the manual transfer switch, the load transitions to the other generator.

Generator Maintenance with GenSpring For Ongoing Power

For this project, the maintenance plan includes changing the oil approximately every 50 to 75 hours to help ensure a long generator life. Additionally, our team and the owner check the oil between scheduled maintenance, just to ensure oil level is at the right point.

Pick GenSpring Power For Your Next Kohler Generator Project in Georgia

Thanks to Kohler and GenSpring power the fish are happy and swimming smoothly! Kohler’s superior power quality ensures the Koi have a clean and oxygenated pool to enjoy. Plus, GenSpring Power’s Link Monitoring System keeps us and the property owner abreast of the status of power 24/7.

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