The Kohler enCUBE is an indoor/outdoor portable battery inverter generator, ideal for camping, tailgating, home, condo or apartment during a power outage.

Producing 120 volts AC and 5 1/2 Volts DC power, the enCUBE can be used to power up to 1440 continuous watts and 1800 maximum watts. This is enough power to keep your refrigerator, computer, radio and cell phone up and running.  The enCUBE is rechargeable, either through 120 volt house power or optional solar panels available in 60 and 150 watt sizes.  It also can be charged and discharged simultaneously.

GenSpring Power recently introduced enCUBE at the Atlanta Preparedness Expo, April 23-24, 2016.  The reception and interest in enCUBE was very strong and we expect this to be an exciting new product.