Fuel, Spark & Compression

In our earlier post, How Long Can My Generator Run?, we discussed the role of fuel and oil to keep your generator running during an extended outage.  In this post we will discuss how fuel, spark & compression work together to allow your engine to start and continue to run so that your home generator... Read More

How Long Can My Home Generator Run?

This is a question asked by many of our customers.  There are two primary factors that will affect the continuous operation of your home generator engine during an extended period: fuel to power the engine and oil for lubrication and cooling.  In future post, Fuel, Spark & Compression, we will address the essentials required for... Read More

Be Prepared

“Be Prepared”, the Boy Scout Motto, has been repeated over and over again by many young men.  As a former Boy Scout myself, and the father of 3 Eagle Scouts, I’ve heard it many times. Little did I realize at the time that I would be in the business of helping so many others achieve... Read More