You might be a Prepper if …

You believe in personal responsibility. You prepare for the unexpected. You accept responsibility for providing for yourself and your family. You don’t take unreasonable risk. You recognize that there are legitimate global threats that could impact your way of life. You are concerned about cyberterrorism or an EMP taking down the electric grid. You are... Read More

My mountain getaway is a second home

I have a generator on my mountain getaway, how do I know it’s working if I’m not there? We have helped many customers address this concern for both their second home as well as their primary residence.  Fortunately there are two communication technologies available to monitor utility power and generator status on the brands we... Read More

I’m getting prepared

I’m getting prepared – which is best – purchasing a home generator from an authorized dealer or internet/big box store? In an online world where pricing on everything is at your fingertips, it can be difficult to decide what route to take when purchasing a home generator.  Should you purchase the generator online, should you... Read More

Does the generator come with its own base?

All of our generators have a base that supports the generator.   When we install a generator system, we include site preparation as part of the installation.  The purpose of our site preparation is to ensure a solid, level foundation for the generator and also raise the level of the generator above any surface rain... Read More